Cobham Rugby

Xmas at Cobham

The Curve's Christmas Celebrations.

Christmas at Cobham started on 19th when the Club held its traditional Xmas lunch at the Cobham Curve and was well supported as ever by Sponsors,Members,Ex-Players and Guests. The Cobham Curve was resplendent with Xmas decorations and the attendees enjoyed an excellent lunch from Vanilla Bean.

Chairman of Rugby, Steve Heard welcomed everyone and thanked the Cobham Curve staff for all their support during the year but also focused on the importance of volunteers to the Club. He thanked the Rugby Club Commitee and the RWC 2015 World Cup Committee for all their work during the year providing a special mention for Chairman Tony Balkwill and Jim Findlay. 

Jim had answered the call for a volunteer photographer for the RWC, to provide the Club with a photo-graphical record for posterity and as a consequence had personally enjoyed a magical six weeks.

The Club always needed volunteers and anyone' s skills can be fully utilised. Some  of the current vacancies are on but if you have a skill you think the Club  could benefit from let us know.

Steve also reminded guests of the importance of the 100 Club by drawing the winners for November and December.


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